LPX 000 + LPX 001

Primer + Plant Dust™

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Primer + Plant Dust™ Kit

Primer + Plant Dust™ Kit

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Make your basic manicure, not so basic! Extend and prolong the life of your manicure with our 'Good Nails' Primer + Plant Dust kit.

✓ Great alternative to gel, acrylic, and dip

✓ Lasts for up to 14 days chip-free!

✓ Healthier for your nails

✓ Easy to remove (regular nail polish remover)

✓ Fast drying - 5min quick-dry

Easy-on Easy-off

Directions: Cleanse nail plate and free edge to ensure there is no oil or debris. Apply 2 coats of Primer (LPX 000) to nail plate and free edge. Next, apply an even layer of Plant Dust™ (LPX 001) to the primered fingernail. Apply 1-2 coats of standard nail polish. Use desired top coat. 

Recommended for all natural nail types + Ideal for standard nail polish formulations

Contents: Primer 0.17 FL. OZ. / Plant Dust™ NET WT. 0.17 OZ.

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Cruelty Free

Never tested on animals


Plant Dust - 100% plant-based fiber


US PATENT #11,058,203

Made in usa

From globally sourced materials

Can anyone use the primer and plant dust™?

The LUCYPOP products were created for professional manicurists that wants to offer higher quality manicures; those clients that want to wear their natural nails and need a break or a change altogether from gel, dip, and acrylic services.

Why are the Primer + Plant dust™ professional use only?

The application method is simple, but it requires a skillful hand for even coating. A professional manicurist is trained to ensure the proper handling and application of nail products.

Are the Primer + Plant Dust™ organic/natural?

Yes, our Plant Dust™ is 100% made from plant fibers. We value truth and transparency. Nail care products rarely are organic/natural. Lacquers, solvents, and pigments are chemicals that allow bold colors and strong adhesion. Our goal is to find safer and more natural alternatives that deliver the same or better results.

Can I use this with gel or dip?

We've not tested our product to work in conjunction with gel or dip. We encourage the use of the product as directed. If you decide to use the product in other ways, we can't be sure of your results. However, we are happy to glean any insight or feedback on the different ways you've decided to use our products!

What type of results can I expect?

Longer-lasting polish hold, significantly less chipping and peeling than traditional nail polish, in turn, allowing your nails to grow out healthy and long.

Will this help damaged nails?

Absolutely, but it depends on what you mean by damage. Anytime nails are weakened (overexposure to chemicals, acetone soaks, drill, peeling, and ripping off extensions), taking a break will inevitably help nails recover slowly. Using our nail product can add a protective barrier and create a level of reinforcement for weak nails.

How long will it take my nail polish to dry?

Our patented kit allows for rapid dry time. Our Primer + Plant Dust™ provides a fast dry time of three minutes or less. We also recommend thin coats of nail polish as a "best practice."

Who is the Creator of the 'For the Love of Good Nails' kit?

Tonia is the product developer of the kit. She spent the last three years developing something for fellow manicurists and clients.

Are your products considered non-toxic?

Our products are developed to be significantly safer than others on the market. But in all honesty, the term 'non-toxic' is not regulated. Therefore, it is often used as a marketing ploy. For something to really be considered non-toxic, you have to be able to ingest and inhale it. We do not recommend doing either with our products. We only recommend using our products for their intended use and always practicing safety.

Are your products cruelty-free + vegan-friendly?

They’re 100% cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. Our products are never tested on animals and are always made safely. 

What makes LUCYPOP's nail products different from other nail products on the market?

We are not a color line (currently). So as of now, you can use any standard nail polish color and pair it with LUCYPOP's products for a quick-drying and longer-lasting manicure.

Where are the products manufacturered?

Our products are made here in the USA. We do our best to source regional materials. However, we do source globally as needed.

LPX 000 + lpx 001




We started with the notion of "what if..." and this led to the idea that everyday nail care products didn't need to be average. That we could put luxury literally at the fingertips of today's modern human. And elevating a product starts with wanting to do good for people and the environment.

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